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Denver, Colorado


Think Clearly LLC helps entrepreneurs, non-profits and business leaders find their way through complex challenges. We provide facilitation, mentoring, and consulting related to strategic planning, elevator pitches, and execution. 



Helping Nonprofits with Strategic Planning and Governance

With limited resources and the need to deliver clear value to a constituency, nonprofits need clear thinking when it comes to strategy. Like Entrepreneurs, they need to find a working business model with limited capital. 

Think Clearly helps nonprofits create meaningful and effective strategic plans. We then help boards and key staff implement the governance process to ensure strategy is not lost in the day to day. 

Strategic Planning

We bring a focused and disciplined approach to creating a strategic plan that has staying power. Our process involves workshops with key stakeholders to work through:

  • Long-term vision -- tell vivid stories about your organization 3, 5, 10 years down the road
  • Constraints and Unknowns -- what are the limits to realizing your mission that you have to live with? 
  • Issues -- what are the things in your control that you need to deal with and how urgent are they?
  • Actions -- what needs to happen to deal with the Issues and realize the Long-Term Vision?
  • Metrics -- how will we know we're making progress?

Board Governance

A well functioning board is essential to realizing the strategic plan. A board that doesn't understand where its duties begin and end in relation to the Executive Director and staff will be a greater hindrance than a value to the organization. We help boards implement the governance processes that keep everyone focused on strategy and stewardship. 

Elevator Pitches

One of the major challenges that nonprofits face is the ability to clearly communicate their mission and vision in a compelling way. We help boards and staff formulate an value proposition and elevator pitch that key audiences can understand and get excited about. Our workshops bring creativity and collaboration to the process. 

Nonprofit Boards on LinkedIn

We maintain a resource for nonprofit board members on LinkedIn. It's called Nonprofit Boards, and our focus is on Strategic Planning, Board Governance, and Fundraising