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Denver, Colorado


Think Clearly LLC helps entrepreneurs, non-profits and business leaders find their way through complex challenges. We provide facilitation, mentoring, and consulting related to strategic planning, elevator pitches, and execution. 


Key Scalability Indicators

ThinkClearly has developed four Key Scalability Indicators to help growing companies know when it's time to pull certain triggers. We use our own assessments and interviews with key players on your team to define and personalize these KSI's for your company. 

Startup Personality

We believe that there are five different startup personalities. Each of these types have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to achieving scale. Some personalities work very well when your company is small and focused on getting the product ready, but they struggle through growth stages. Others struggle through being a startup but shine when it's time to scale up. Knowing your startup personality is the first step to understanding how you'll lead through growth. 

Current Scale Stage

Each business has different stages of scale that they go through. Knowing which stage you're actually in is essential to understanding how you need to structure your operations. There's no reason to have a ramped up sales team if you're still in Discovery. Likewise, if you're still relying on your founders to close deals when you're in later stages of growth, then you won't be able to keep up with the market. 

Business Model Scale Potential

At the heart of every business model are fundamental assumptions about how fast you can grow. You want to make sure that your current business model is in line with your growth expectations and potential. Ensuring that you can connect the dots from problem to solution to customer segments to channels is critical to understanding how fast you can, and should, grow. 

Premature Scale

Getting scale right is the single most important factor for startup survival. Startup Genome has provided some compelling statistics, like companies that scale properly grow 20x faster than those that don't. Or that those that scale too early never really break out -- they get stuck below $100,000 MRR. We can help you understand if you're aligned properly across all areas of your operations.