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One Brand that Needs to Embrace Their "WHY"

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One Brand that Needs to Embrace Their "WHY"

Greg Laugero

Let me say first off that I love Bianchi bicycles. I own four of them. I won a Colorado State Time Trial Championship on a D2 Chrono. My 2007 928 Hors Category still turns heads. 

If any company should be selling on their WHY, it's Bianchi. But they've become all about WHAT, which is not a good differentiator for them. It's like they're trying to convince us that they have superior technology, when 9 out of 10 bicycle purchasers have no clue what carbon nano-technology means or does for them. 

This video says it all.

Bianchi could easily drive sales based on WHY. Arguably there is no other brand name rooted in the history of cycling as is Bianchi. The once unique color (Celeste) is now largely copied by Specialized and Trek. But no other brand can tap into the history of cycling like Bianchi can (not even Colnago or Pinarello). 

My 2007 928 is named for the years that Bianchi bikes won the two major stage races in Europe -- the Tour d'France and the Giro d'Italia. Fausto Coppi in 1949 (the 9) and 1952 (the 2), and Marco Pantani in 1998 (the 8). But you'd be hard pressed to figure that out from Bianchi's messaging. 

Bianchi's WHY could be authentic if they embrace it: no other company has as deep an association with the history of cycling as they do. They should own that history. 

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