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Denver, Colorado


Think Clearly LLC helps entrepreneurs, non-profits and business leaders find their way through complex challenges. We provide facilitation, mentoring, and consulting related to strategic planning, elevator pitches, and execution. 



We help entrepreneurs and non-profits think clearly through the tough challenges they face when the stakes are high. 

Helping Non-Profits & Entrepreneurs Strategize, Communicate, Lead

Have you ever been in a situation where your ability to lead requires thinking clearly through big issues but you don't have the luxury of time? 

Do you need to communicate a difficult message clearly and persuasively but you're not even sure what you're trying to say?

Effective leadership often requires someone from the outside who can help you frame the issues in ways that organize the chaos and make the process manageable.

I've founded Think Clearly LLC to help entrepreneurs and non-profit teams become better leaders. This happens when you communicate a clear and compelling message, which is the result of thinking clearly. We are a collaborative partner who frames the issues and provides the clarity necessary to see the right path through the chaos.  

What We Do

Strategic thinking

Clear thinking is the essence of strategy. Whether you need to redefine a product, execute a pivot or just clarify where you're going, I've helped many leaders chart a path through uncertainty.

elevator pitches

How do you effectively communicate a complex business model in a simple, easy to understand way? Start with the "big why" and then "what" and "how" will naturally follow.

Deep Dive Business Modeling

Can you define your business on a single page? Are your people and processes aligned with your model?  Do you know how you will measure the effectiveness of your model? How will your model evolve over time? We can help answer these questions.

How We Do it


Facilitated working sessions with key stakeholders to develop actionable plans. 


One-on-one engagements to help leaders and key staff members grow.


Project-based or retainer-based work for longer-term needs. 

Greg’s ability to take abstract thought and concepts and weave a story around them to drive execution is a gift many marketing and design professionals struggle with when developing product strategy. Greg brings such a strong sense of structure and organization to his thought process that I was always at peace knowing he was running the project or analysis behind our software design...
— Product Marketing and Product Management Pro at Microsoft

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